Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sino-Australian Music Exchange: Chalk Horse in China

“Culture needs dialogue and dialogue needs culture. Cultural exchange also enriches lives by inspiring new forms of artistic expression and providing fresh insights that broaden horizons.”
- Dougal Phillips, Director and Curator at Chalk Horse

In connection with Imagine Australia: The Year of Australian Culture in China Chalk Horse and Tenzenmen are presenting an exciting tour of Australian bands to China for 2010-2011. The Sino-Australia Music Exchange features heaps of dynamic Australian alternative bands embarking on tours to Shanghai and beyond as well as encouraging and helping musicians from China to play in Australia.
Dead Farmers' Daniel gave up punk for a second to eat ice-cream
SAME has kick started a new era of musical communications to initiate and nurture an open cultural dialogue between Australia and China for 2010-11 and beyond. SAME has also orchestrated visits to Australia from Chinese veterans P.K.14 and Carsick Cars. All bands engaged in the exchange have documented their journey and experience of voicing their cultural standpoint in newfound arenas at the official blog:

PK.14 Came down to Australia for the Melbourne Festival
This poster says it all for the bands on tour.
Dead Farmers took this great shot
Aussie rock bands, The Dead Farmers and Vasco Era have just returned from their thrilling jaunts in China with heaps to say about their time away and while there where moments where the bands felt lost in translation, their music was wonderfully received. 
Vasco Era, live in China

Some even had a male fan confess his undying love after a gig proclaiming “I love you” and  “less buzz” on the mic apparently means “more buzz”. So quite mixed experiences for the lads but all pretty incredible, “punk rock fuck you good”, indeed. 
Vasco Era on the Great Wall of China

The streets of china has all sorts of aesthetic feasts for the bands to digest
Vasco Era, live in China

There are heaps more bands to go over including East Brunswick All Girls Choirs, Digger and the Pussycats, Die!Die!Die! (NZ), Dan Kelly, Perfect Fit, Nikko, Ouch My Face, Hotel Wrecking City Traders and My Disco each with tours including extensive travel across China.

For more info on the tour click here


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