Friday, July 15, 2011

Recent Press

FBI Radio: Tuesday 5th July
Alex Xanno Mitchell presenter on FBI mornings
interviews Chalk Horse Curator Kat Sapera

MX Cover: Tuesday July 12th

Nothing is true, everything is permitted 
curated by Clementine Blackman and Kat Sapera

David Capra / Yvette Coppersmith / John A Douglas
Sanné Mestrom / Kate Mitchell / Christian Thompson
and Gregory & Watts

A couple of months ago Chalk Horse moved. They went  further into Surry Hills to Lacey St, about three minutes down from their old Cooper St digs, and became the first Sydney artist run initiative to turn into a commercial gallery. The big re-opening show was of paintings by Jasper Knight, because when one of Australia's highest profile artists co-founded your gallery and is one of it's directors you tend to leverage that. Then there was a group show, and now there's another group show, which is great because it's a chance to get their whole stable of artists on display in this space while it still has that new-car smell.

Co-curated by longtime gallery manager Clementine Blackman and newer addition Kat Sapera, Nothing is true, everything is permitted promises to evidence the gallery's ongoing commitment to intelligent and rigorous work by emerging and mid-career artists across a variety of media. Chalk Horse is one of the galleries most likely to confuse you on entry, but it's also very good at explaining itself (the catalogue essays are really great) and it's a prime provider of high-concept LOLs. This show features work by David Capra, Yvette Coppersmith, Sanné Mestrom, Kate Mitchell, Christian Thompson, John A Douglas (image above) and Gregory & Watts.

Image: John A Douglas, Starella
Words: Bethany Small