Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dane Lovett: "Paintingss" at WESTSPACE

Install shot: Paintingss at WESTSPACE
Dane Lovett New Season (2010)
Acrylic on Dibond 96 x 66cm

Dane Lovett True Stories (2010)
Acrylic on Dibond 66 x 96cm

Dane Lovett Flower Painting (2010)
Acrylic on Dibond 183 x 152cm

Install shot: Paintingss at WESTSPACE
Dane Lovett’s paintings bring together subject matter from a variety of sources, moving freely between still-life, found imagery and portraiture. Paintingss, is a group of not quite classical acrylic and watercolour works, where flowers, plants and interiors are twisted slightly with the inclusion of various musical motifs. The show is on view at Westspace in Melbourne from November 25th though to 18th December 2010.

To make an enquiry about available works please click here.

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