Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Runway Magazine: issue 17

Runway Magazine issue 17 cover featuring Tara Marynowsky

Chalk Horse is proud to have Tara Marynowsky, John A. Douglas and Bababa International featured in Runway Magazine issue #17.

Marynowsky graces this month's cover (front and back) with the Return section a dedicated visual essay of her work "Helter Skelter". 

Tara Marynowsky, Gods and Monsters (2010)

Bababa International: Without Right Angles
Ivan Muñiz Reed

Bababa International, Soap City, Firstdraft
Recently Bababa International mysteriously returned from the shadows of Modernism, finding their way back through all the rubble and detritus of its heroic failures. Since 2008, the Sydney based collective formed by Tom Mellick, Ivan Ruhle, Stephen Russell, Giles Thackway and (the newest member from the United States) Uncle Eric Harrod, have been creating projects that are actively engaging audiences through participatory artworks and ingenious suggestions that still hold true to that old and splendid dream of their namesake.
Many of the attitudes Bababa International articulate through their work are evocative of the ideals of visionaries who critiqued the power of the State and of capital by emphasizing the power of the collective.

Ghosts Undermine: Strange Land Vol. 1 By John A. 
Douglas Daniel Mudie Cunningham

John A Douglas Strange Land Volume 1, #11 (2010)
John A. Douglas revisits and reimagines various social histories of Glen Davis in Strange Land through the prism of Australian cinema. To date Douglas has amassed a striking body of video and photomedia work that examines how Australiana has been constructed through visual culture particularly from the 1960s and seventies until now.
Ultimately the characters of Strange Land are haunted y the ghosts they become. Riddled with historic traces of failure and trauma the ghost town is a holding cell for restless specters whose presence ascribes to the place a ‘badland’ status.
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