Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Jasper Knight- Sydney Boat Show 2011

Jasper Knight Replica Endeavour 1988 (2011)
enamel, perspex and  masonite on board
200 x 150cm

Chalk Horse Directors and staff are pleased to announce our new address at 8 Lacey Street in Surry Hills, NSW 2010.

The gallery is ready to unveil in tandem with this powerful new body of work by Jasper Knight that drives toward destabilising the rigid boundaries of that which is solid, fixed, strong, and mechanical. Boats are ideal grounds for exploration for Knight, as he can seem to dissolve boats and wharves to reflect their liquid homeland to create a languorous interplay. 

Jasper Knight Arctic P (2011)
enamel, perspex and  masonite on board
200 x 150cm

In conjunction with the industrial media of enamel, masonite, Perspex and vintage signage assemblage a distinct reinterpretation of constructivism is thrust to the viewer with clear post-pop intentions; merging the paintings from a two dimensional plane to reveal a constructed object darting between the material and the subject.

Knight reveals stunning selection of water vessels in their built-for roles cruising some of Australia's greatest harbours. Powerful and impressive water vehichles from The Endeavour Replica (1988) pictured above as well as the Packers' 88 metre converted ice-breaker are juxtaposed with quaint vistas of small tug-boats as well as early built harbour scenes like Port Albert in Victoria. 

Jasper Knight is Sydney-based and one of Australia's most successful young artists. He has shown internationally; in London, Antwerp, Singapore and Hong Kong and is represented across Australia and in the UK. He has won a number of significant awards including from the Helen Lempriere Scholarship and has been a regular finalist in national awards including the Archibald and Wynne Prizes. This year in 2011 Knight is a finalist in the Wynne Prize with King Street Wharf currently on show a the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

Jasper Knight Clinker (2011)
enamel, acrylic and oilstick on canson card
120 x 80cm

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