Thursday, April 7, 2011

Free Fall at Oxford Art Factory curated by John A Douglas

Free Fall is a three month program of live performances by Sydney based contemporary and intermedia artists scheduled to begin every Friday and Saturday night at the Oxford Art Factory cube from April 15.The program has been curated by Sydney video and photomedia artist John A Douglas in partnership with Chalk Horse gallery. Many of the artists selected for the program have been successfully exhibiting both locally and internationally for the last few years and the Oxford Art factory cube offers an opportunity to present live performances of their latest works. 

Free Fall is a term used to describe the moment when parachuting from a plane before opening the parachute when you think is this going to work as you free fall through the atmosphere. Free Fall is about artists taking risks outside of the white cube of the gallery and landing in the glass cube of the Oxford Art Factory to deliver contemporary art to an audience in the environment of a bar/nightclub/music venue reaching new audiences and creating new modes of practice.
Liam Benson, Windswept
Each of the Free Fall artists have their own unique aesthetic style and yet a commom thread is to push beyond the boundaries and expectations of what art is and can be. Each weekend the Oxford Art Factory cube will be transformed  into a performance installation and will explore endurance, art history, action, painting, costume, gender shifting, characterizations and pop culture all with a sense of fun and experimentation.

Artists involved are:

Naomi Oliver 15-16 April
Jodie Whalen 23-24 April
Gregory & Watts 29-30 April
Motel Sisters 06-07 MAy
Liam Benson 13-14 May
Bridie Connell 20-21 May

Friday nights 8pm till late

Chalk Horse's Tim Gregory & Oliver Watts proclaim:

“We will turn the glass cube into a place from which two critics view and judge the scene below. We will be dressed in lounge suits and identically – the colour scheme will be muted. Part scientists, part metaphor of superego guilt, our constant unheard chatter will unsettle the viewers. What do they think? Did we dress well? Are we enjoying ourselves enough? Am I all that? On white boards in the room our scribble will give the audience some idea of our (il)logical response. On the second night we will allow the audience to hear a pre-prepared summary of the night before, we will set parameters of what should follow on this Saturday night, what we expect. The audience will be encouraged to take photographs of the white boards and we will have a printer on call to print off white board grabs. Secretaries and administrative staff will help at various times.”
(A taste of what's to come...)

Free Fall has been curated by Chalk Horse represented photomedia artist John A Douglas.

For further details and artist profiles hit up the Oxford Art Factory site and click the ART tab.

You can also find Free Fall on Facebook

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